Kitimat RCMP Weekly Report April 20-26, 2023


2023-04-28 21:09 PDT

CDSA in vehicle

On April 20th during routine evening patrols, a Kitimat RCMP officer observed a vehicle driving with no lights on. A traffic stop was performed and drug paraphernalia with drug residue was observed in the center console. The driver was detained and when he stepped out of the vehicle he dropped two bags of suspected cocaine to the driver’s seat. The driver and passenger were then arrested and additional drugs were located in the vehicle. Though the decriminalization of CDSA was approved and implemented at the end of January it is still illegal to have drugs in a motor vehicle within reach and as such the drugs were seized.

Dropped 911 call

On April 21st Kitimat RCMP received a report of an abandoned 911 call from a cell phone. Police attended the residence of the registered owner and spoke to all parties who confirmed nothing was wrong they initially had a guest refusing to leave but they had left. Kitimat RCMP would like to remind callers to stay on the line and provide requested information to the dispatcher so police/fire or ambulance can respond appropriately to any need for assistance.


On April 22nd Kitimat RCMP received a report of an assault that had taken place between two parties that knew each other. Both parties were still on scene when police arrived and a man was arrested for assault as the other party was injured. The man was later released with no contact conditions and a date he needed to attend court regarding the matter.

Fighting and intoxicated

On April 23rd Kitimat RCMP was called to a fight in the street and upon arrival located two women who were both intoxicated and yelling at each other. Neither of the women were forthcoming with any information and both denied any injury from any physical altercation. Both women were arrested for being intoxicated in a public place and were brought to Kitimat RCMP cells until they were able to care for themselves.

Vehicle vs sign post

On April 24th Kitimat RCMP responded to a complaint of a hit and run collision at Wakashan Ave and Tsimshian Blvd. A vehicle backed into a sign post and failed to remain at the scene. A witness statement was obtained and the driver was identified and contacted. The file remains under investigation. (2023-1323)

Wandering and intoxicated

On April 26th Kitimat RCMP responded to an intoxicated man wandering around yelling in Kitamaat Village. The man was initially brought back to other sober adults to care for him however just over an hour later police were called back as the man was trying to leave again in the same intoxicated state and they feared for his safety as he was fighting to leave. Police arrived at the residence and arrested the man for causing a disturbance and transported him to Kitimat RCMP cells for the night until he could care for himself. (2023-1351/1352)

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