These puppies may look cute, but they're a scam.


2022-04-28 10:45 PDT

The Merritt RCMP want to warn Merritt residents of online puppy scams. Double and triple check before you buy.

On April 28, 2022, Merritt Front Line Officers were alerted to an online puppy scam where a Facebook marketplace user posted pictures of French Bulldog Puppies for sale. A local resident unfortunately sent $1,600 through e-transfer to the seller and then never heard from them again and never received the puppy. 

"These puppies may look cute, but you won't actually get them if you send your money to a scammer." says Sgt. Josh Roda. "Please double and triple check the validity of the sellers before sending them money".  

Ways to ensure you won't be scammed when buying a puppy:

- Be skeptical. Look for stock photos beings used and sketchy payment methods. Paying by credit card through a secure site or Paypal are always the safest option;

- Buy from a reputable breeder. Responsible breeders are happy to share information about puppy parentage and health records and screenings;

- Read reviews about the seller and ask lots of questions;

- Visit the breeder/seller in person or set up a live video call to meet the breeder and puppy;

- Don't pay for a puppy sight unseen, unless you know the person, or know someone who has made a successful purchase from them;

- Be patient, don't rush into a purchase if the seller is pushing you to make one.

Released by

Sgt Josh Roda

Media Relations Officer
Merritt Detachment


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