Terrace kicks off 2022 with a Spike in Break & Enters and Thefts.


2022-03-04 08:58 PST

The Terrace RCMP, along with residents and business owners, have noted an obvious spike in break and enters as well as thefts in January and February of 2022.

Items such as tools, machinery, electronics, clothing, apparel and groceries have all been highly sought after by thieves in the community.

Businesses have been hit hard in the past couple of months, often times being targeted numerous times.

The RCMP attributes the rise in these numbers to specific individuals. In January 2022, three prolific offenders returned to the community of Terrace. Police worked to investigate these offences, making arrests of all three individuals and recommending charges. As a result, two of these three individuals were sentenced to jail time.

In February 2022, one other prolific offender returned to the Terrace area, and again property crimes spiked. RCMP continue investigating these offences, making repeated arrests of this individual, and submitting results to BC Prosecution Services.

While having these prolific offenders out of the community will not erase property crime, it certainly helps. However, home owners and business owners alike must remain engaged in protecting their property.

S/Sgt Robinson reminds business owners and the public to protect their belongings, Most property crimes occur due to convenience, it is always important to lock doors and vehicles on your property. Make valuables, such as bikes and tools invisible and don’t leave items in your vehicles overnight.

If you notice suspicious people or activity in the community, please contact the Terrace RCMP at 250-638-7400 to report it.

Released by

Cst. Kelly Cates

Media Relations Officer
Terrace RCMP
Office: 250-638-7400

Email: kelly.cates@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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