Welcome students and warning motorists

Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country

2021-09-07 08:39 PDT

photograph of RCMP officer enforcing school zone
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The Regional Kelowna RCMP is reminding the public that school zones are back in effect this week as students return to their classrooms.

School zones are back in effect on school days. Those 30 km/hr zones will be enforced by RCMP officers and the fines start at $196.

As an additional warning to Lake Country motorists, there’s a new school zone surrounding the new H.S. Grenda school site east of the Berry Road Roundabout, north of McCarthy Road and encompassing Konshuh Road.
image of new school zone in Lake Country
View larger image: image of new school zone in Lake Country

Motorists are also reminded that they must stop for school buses displaying flashing red lights while picking up and dropping off students. Failure to do so puts students and other motorists in needless danger and can lead to tragic outcomes.

We’d also like to remind our students to be safe pedestrians:

We will be spending time in our local school zones in the coming days, weeks and months, says Sgt. Mark Booth of the Kelowna RCMP Traffic Unit. We will be working hard to help make this a safe and welcoming transition into the new school year.

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