Police Respond to 279 calls from May 10 through May 16, 2021


2021-05-17 15:50 PDT

The Terrace RCMP responded to approximately 279 calls from Monday May 10th through Sunday May 16th. Of those calls approximately 128 occurred over the weekend, between Friday the 14th and Sunday the 16th. Below are a few highlights from calls from service received:

May 10
Terrace RCMP received a report of a sexual assault which occurred between a man and an under aged female. The victim is being cooperative with police and the file is under investigation.

Police were called to a local shelter to assist with a man who had been drinking in the shelter and had passed out from intoxication. The man woke up and left on foot before police arrived.

A woman reported to Terrace RCMP that she had been sexually assaulted numerous times by a male. These events were historical. Police are investigating the assaults.

Police responded to a report of a woman on CN property who had shut off fuel valves on a train engine. An officer attended and was advised that the woman was now in a nearby liquor store, not wearing a mask. Police attended and arrested the woman for mischief. Behaviors being exhibited by the woman led police to take her to a local hospital for assessment. A doctor admitted the woman for further treatment.

A man called for police believing that his home had been broken into and that the suspects had left wildlife inside as well as other unusual situations. Police attended and found that none of these things existed and believed that the man was experiencing a mental health break. In speaking with the man’s partner, police learned that the man was capable of carrying out regular daily duties and was able to care for himself. No apprehension was made this date.

May 11
Police received a 911 call where a woman could be heard yelling to give back her phone. At the same time, a local motel reported a disturbance in one of their rooms. Police attended and confirmed that the 911 call had originated in that room where a male and female had been arguing. No signs of physical violence were observed. Police assisted in ensuring that parties departed and went their separate ways.

Terrace RCMP received a report from the principal of a local elementary school advising that a suspicious man was on school property. The man was described as young, with dark hair, riding a dark scooter and white helmet. The male refused to leave when asked to do so by staff. Police were unable to locate the male and no further identifying features have been provided. If anyone has seen this male, please provide further details to RCMP.

Police received multiple reports of two women in a physical altercation down town Terrace. Information provided was that one woman was beating up an older woman and someone was bleeding. Police attended and located the pair. One woman was arrested, however, was taken for medical treatment at local hospital, prior to being transported to cells. An investigation, including witness statements and review of surveillance video, determined that the altercation was a consensual fight, and no evidence to support an assault charge.

On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, two women and four men, all had scheduled court appearances for this date, each for their own unrelated matters. All of these individuals failed to attend court as directed by previous court orders. No new charges were approved for Failing to Appear, rather endorsed warrants were issued for each individual. Police will be tasked with executing these warrants and releasing these individuals with new court dates.

A local jewelry store reported a theft in the amount of over $20,000 worth in rings. Statements have been obtained and surveillance to be obtained and reviewed. A member of the Forensic Identification Service attended and obtained fingerprints from the area of the theft. This file will remain open for investigation.

A local youth worker called police to report that a male youth was having thoughts of harming himself. Two officers attended and spoke with the youth who agreed to attend a local hospital to speak with a doctor. Police conducted a mental health apprehension and the youth was transported to the hospital for further assessment, and ultimately released back into the care of the youth worker.

May 12
A woman called police to report that an intoxicated man was outside her home, knocking on the window. Police attended the residence and located the man, sleeping on the front porch. After rousing the man, it was noted that he had poor balance, an odor of liquor and slurred speech. The man was arrested and brought back to cells to sober up.

A woman called police to report a suspicious pickup truck in a neighbourhood that seemed to be frequenting a suspected drug house. Police attended, and conducted a traffic stop, determining the driver was impaired by drug. When the driver was advised that he was under arrest for impaired operation, he fled on foot. Police pursued the man on foot, throughout the neighbourhood, eventually locating him and arresting him for obstruction. Due to an issue with evidence, impaired charges not being forwarded, however, the man was released with a 24 hour prohibition. Police will submit results of the investigation to BC Prosecution for consideration of Obstruction charges.

Police attended to a report of a male youth sleeping inside the back of a work truck in a Terrace Parking lot. On scene, the youth told police that he had been cold and was looking for a place to sleep. The vehicle was found to be unlocked and the youth did not break or steal anything. The caller did not wish to pursue charges and the male was left in the care of a social worker.

A man in a rural area called police to report a woman who was on his property taking off her clothes and yelling at his livestock. Police attended and located the woman lying on the ground. The woman was found to have outstanding warrants for other matters and was arrested. Police transported her to Terrace cells to process the warrants.

A witness reported that several people were fighting outside a residence where people could be seen using bats or sticks. Police attended and found that three suspects had just left in a vehicle. Other witnesses reported that the suspects also pulled out knives. Police located the three suspects in another jurisdiction where they were arrested, one was released with a pending court date, while the other two were held in custody for a bail hearing. Police believe this to be a targeted event. A complete investigation will be conducted and results submitted to BC Prosecution Services.

May 13:
Terrace RCMP responded to a residence after receiving an abandoned 911 call from a female. Offers arrived to find that a man had locked a woman outside of their residence after having a verbal dispute and the woman had left on foot. Police attempted to locate the female and make calls to her but were unsuccessful. A second call to police was received with new information that the woman had returned home. Police returned to the resident and found that the woman had smashed a window on the residence and the man had broken the window of a vehicle. The woman was agreeable to being transported by police to a different location to avoid further issues. The broken windows were joint property and there was no physical violence reported, as such, no charges are being forwarded at this time.

A woman contacted police to request assistance at a local hospital with her daughter who was having thoughts of harming herself. Police officers attended and assisted in deescalating the girl, who agreed to enter the hospital to speak with a doctor. Further care of the girl was turned over to medical professionals.

Police were requested to check the well-being of a woman outside of a local liquor store who appeared to be impaired by drugs. Police attended and located the woman who was crying and explaining that she was being followed by a mouse and she was trying to get away. The woman refused transportation to any location. Police remained in the area and observed the woman make her way safely to a local shelter. Several similar calls were received on this date regarding this same female who was eventually found walking in front of vehicles. The woman was arrested and brought back to cells to sober up.

May 14:
While on duty, an officer observed a vehicle driving with no front plate while the rear plate was observed to be a BC plate. The officer conducted a routine traffic stop and found the vehicle to be uninsured and the driver provided false information about being the owner of the vehicle. A violation ticket was issued for no insurance in the amount of $598 and for no number plate, $109. The registered owner of the vehicle was advised of the incident.

Police responded to a report of a man who was intoxicated in the downtown area and had just punched the window of a local store front. The man passed out in front of the store. Police attended and found bylaw officers already speaking to the man on the ground. The man was intoxicated, slurring his speech and had a strong odor of liquor on his breath. He became confrontational and aggressive with police and was arrested for causing a disturbance. While in cuffs, the man lunged at the bylaw officer. Police maintained control of the man and transported him to cells to sober up.

A woman reported that a man appeared to be intoxicated and was walking in a downtown intersection. Police attended and located a man matching the description provided and found that although he was impaired and walking slowly, he was steady on his feet. The man stated he was making his way to a local shelter. The officer remained in the area to ensure that the man made it there safely.

Police responded to a call from local shelter of a man inside who was intoxicated and being violent, refusing to leave. Police attended, however, the man had left on foot. Attempts were made to locate the man but were unsuccessful at the time.

May 15:
While police were in a local campground tending to a separate matter, park staff requested assistance with a group at a campsite. The staff member reported that after issuing more than one warning to keep noise levels down, a man at the campsite threatened to cause harm to her and stormed off. Police spoke with the family. The staff advised that a three-month ban from the park would be issued to the family.

A woman called to report that upon arriving at her home, she found a male passed out in her car port. Police attended and located and identified the man who was cooperative. He was very intoxicated, slurring, and unsteady. He was arrested for cause disturbance and lodged in cells until sober.

A suspect was captured on CCTV at a local business smashing out windows of three different vehicles during the night. The vehicles were rummaged through. Additional video surveillance in the area is being sought in efforts to identify the suspect. Police are investigating the matter.

A woman contacted police to report that she believed her partner had made comment of harming himself to one of his friends. Police began attempts to locate the man, eventually finding him at a local campground. Police spoke with the man who stated he had no intent to harm himself. The man was referred to local services.

Police received a report of an intoxicated driver and provided vehicle description. A second similar report was received stating that the driver was in a local fast food drive through. Police located the vehicle with a woman driving. A traffic stop was conducted where the woman provided two breath samples, both resulting in a fail. The woman was arrested for Impaired driving, issued a 90 day Immediate Roadside Prohibition and 30 day vehicle impound.

May 16:
Police received a report of sexual interference involving a youth. The offender’s identity is known and MCFD is involved in child safety matters. Police are conducting a complete investigation in this matter.

While on routine patrol, an officer noted a vehicle and conducted queries on it which determined the registered owner to have outstanding warrants. The vehicle was stopped and the driver/registered owner was arrested on the warrants, and processed in accordance with the ICA Act. Following this, he was released and permitted to return to his vehicle.



If you have information about crime contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS, online at www.terracecrimestoppers.ca.


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