Police Respond to 232 calls from May 3 through May 9, 2021


2021-05-10 14:54 PDT

The Terrace RCMP responded to approximately 232 calls from Monday May 3 through Sunday May 9. Of those calls approximately 92 occurred over the weekend, between Friday the 7th and Sunday the 9th. Below are some highlights from calls from service received:

May 3
A woman reported to RCMP that her 7 year old son was missing. She explained that he had developmental challenges and had a history of wandering off. The boy was noticed to be missing at 7:30 am. Police began searching the area, local playgrounds, other associated residences, schools, etc. The boy was located within an hour when he wandered into a neighbour’s residence.

Police received a report of 4 transient men in the ATM of a local bank. The call was received by an offsite security company and no offences were being committed, nor was anyone being bothered. Police did not attend.

A man reported that he believed his wallet was stolen by a woman whom he knows. He went on to discuss with police topics of overdoses, drug use, and requesting assistance with bathing. The officer documented the stolen item appropriately.

A local business reported to RCMP that someone had cut a hole in their fence and a gas canister was now missing. Approximate value of the item was $275. At this time there are no suspects and no video surveillance in the area.

A man reported to the RCMP that several firearms were unaccounted for. He stated that the firearms had previously been kept in a safe inside a residence but now the whereabouts of the guns are unknown. The firearms belong to a family member and the man is looking into the matter on their behalf. He believes that people who previously lived in the same residence may have knowledge of where the firearms are now. Police are investigating the matter.

Police responded to a report of unwanted people in an alley in a residential area. The individuals were believed to be consuming alcohol and drugs. Police attended and obtained identities of all involved. The individuals moved along without issue.

A man called police to request assistance with a tenant who was no longer welcome at his property. The tenant had been permitted to stay there for approximately one year already, based on a verbal agreement. The officer contacted the Tenant Branch on the man’s behalf and provided further direction, advising him to call police if there were further issues.

Terrace By-Law requested RCMP assistance with a man who was passed out down town. The man was unable to walk and not easily roused. EHS also attended and medically cleared the man. Police provided transportation to the man to a local shelter.

RCMP responded to a request to conduct a well-being check. A father reported that his child was taken by the mother and he did not know their whereabouts. Police made efforts to locate the mother and child to confirm their safety. They were located in a different jurisdiction, however, both were safe.

Terrace RCMP received a call from a man who was stating that he was stressed out. The man could provide no other explanation. Police have responded to many recent similar calls from this man who is experiencing paranoia and hallucinations. Efforts are being made to connect him with local agencies.

A man reported to police that his wallet had been stolen. Some bank cards had been used, but the man had since cancelled all cards. Police documented all missing items appropriately.

Terrace RCMP Highway Patrol member conducted a traffic stop with a vehicle after it was detected at a speed of 135 km/hr in a 90 km/hr zone. The driver of the vehicle was served a violation ticket for Excessive Speed and the vehicle was impounded for 7 days. The officer provided a courtesy escort of the vehicle to an address prior to the impound.

A woman reported that a young man was riding a noisy dirt bike past her home for an hour. Police attended but the bike was no longer in the area. No description was provided for the bike nor the rider and could not be identified.

May 4
A woman called RCMP to report that a man and woman appeared to be intoxicated and arguing in the street of a residential area. Police attended and located the pair who were intoxicated, but able to care for themselves. Police provided them transportation to an address.

Terrace RCMP received a call from a woman complaining that her partner had hacked her email. She also stated she had been using drugs at the time of the call. The woman became angry and belligerent when police attempted to determine her sobriety and hung up. She called again to complain about police action. This time reporting concern over a package she had received in the mail, personal matters related to her partner, and a variety of other issues. The woman has made numerous similar calls to police recently and fails to cooperate in providing further information to police when attempting to investigate further. Attempts are ongoing to connect her with local agencies for support.

A woman reported to RCMP that moose antlers had been stolen out of her garden during the night. There were no suspects or witnesses, and no surveillance available.

Terrace RCMP received a report of a domestic after verbal arguing was heard. Police attended and spoke with both partners involved and found there were no concerns.

A principal at a local area school contacted police to advise that a former student was harassing students near the bus stop. Police attended but the youth had left on foot. Students on scene stated that the youth had not been bothering them. Follow up was conducted with a parent and the principal.

Police attended a residence in Terrace to conduct a curfew check on a female. The female was not at the residence and did not have a letter of permission to be elsewhere. The officer is conducting a complete investigation.

A concerned caller reported to police that an elderly woman in a wheelchair was in the middle of a downtown street. Police attended but the woman was no longer in the area.

A local retailer contacted police to report that a woman had just shoplifted an RCMP T shirt. Police located the suspect who still had the stolen item in her possession which was returned to police. The officer took the item back to the store, no charges are being sought in this matter.

A man reported to RCMP that his parents were in a physical altercation and that his mom was hitting his dad. The dispute was reported to be over money and the mother admitted to the assault. The woman was intoxicated, yelling and refusing to be calmed. She was arrested for assault and lodged in Terrace cells. Once sober, she was released. The man does not wish to see charges. Police are monitoring the couple.

May 5
Terrace RCMP attended a residence to perform a curfew check to confirm that a male was abiding by a 24 hour house arrest, in relation to charges of assault, breach and obstruction. The male was not home and thereby breaching his conditions. Investigation to be forwarded to BC Crown for consideration of appropriate charges.

A man called RCMP from a local shelter reporting that there were people outside his room attempting to harm him. Staff at the shelter informed police that this information was not true. Police have had many similar calls from this male in the recent weeks which are believed to be due to paranoia and hallucinations. Attempts to connect the male with local services are ongoing.

Police received a report from a woman complaining about noise from a neighbouring residence. The noise was reported to sound like laughing and music. An officer attended but the noise was no longer an issue. The neighbour was spoken to and police reminded him to be mindful of noise levels.

Terrace RCMP received a call which had originated from a crisis phone line indicating that a man may be having thoughts of harming himself. Checks were conducted to determine the location of the man, based on his cell phone location, leading police to make extensive patrols of streets and a wooded area. Further investigation determined that the male was at a local area hospital and officers conducted follow up there.

A woman reported to RCMP that she had been the victim of a Microsoft scam. She was made to believe that her computer had been hacked and proceeded to provide personal information such as name, date of birth, postal code, bank card number and SIN. Police have made attempts to follow up with this woman.

Terrace RCMP received a report that a man who had been residing in a local motel had not been seen in quite some time. Police entered the room for a wellbeing check and found the man deceased. No suspicious circumstances are believed to be at play. Local coroner attended. Police have located and notified the next of kin.

May 6
Terrace RCMP assisted EHS with an intoxicated, man who appeared to be unconscious at night in the downtown area. The man was cooperative and assessed by EHS and provided courtesy transportation to his home where he had sober adults to take care of him while he sobered up.

Police were dispatched to a report from an unknown caller where a female voice could be heard saying that she was being beaten. The phone call was mapped to an address and police attended where a number of people were in the residence, one of whom was an intoxicated man who was being confrontational with people in the home. Police confirmed that no one was being beaten and the intoxicated man went for a walk to calm down.

An anonymous report was made of neighbours in an apartment building being loud, fighting and slamming doors. Police attended the apartment building and spoke with a man who was yelling in the hallway. There were no further disturbances while police were on scene.

A woman reported that she lent her vehicle to a man to help him move but he had not returned it yet. The woman did not want charges, just to help get her vehicle back. The man is a prohibited driver. Vehicle is described as an older tan/gold Ford Escape.

A CN operator reported that a man was near the tracks fixing his bike under a tarp. Police attended the area and located a man taking a nap. The man stated he did not know he couldn’t be near the tracks. He was cooperative and left the area.

Numerous reports were received of a group of people fighting downtown Terrace. Police attended and found that two women were in a physical altercation over a stolen jacket. The women agreed that it was a consensual fight and did not wish to have police involved. The jacket was returned and parties separated.

A woman reported an email scam in which she provided her social insurance number to someone she believed to be the Canada Revenue Agency. After doing so, she felt it was an odd email and reported it to CRA. The fraudulent website appeared to be the same as the legitimate CRA website. Police are warning people to be extremely cautious about providing personal information to people or companies who are claiming to be someone they are not. If it doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts.

Terrace RCMP were requested to assist at a local hospital psyche unit with a patient who was exhibiting violent behavior. Officers attended and remained on scene to keep the peace while nursing staff were able to tend to the patient.

A woman called police to report that her adult sons were physically fighting in a residence and she wanted them out. Police attended however, one son had left in a vehicle. The other son was provided transportation to another address. Police later located the first son driving under the influence and conducted an impaired investigation. He was not welcome to go home and sobered up in cells.

A residence in the Old Remo area caught fire and was fully engulfed in flames when police attended. All members of the household were safely outside the residence and animals were moved to safe locations. Neighbours were evacuated from their homes for safety and Thornhill fire attended to ensure there was no spread to surrounding forest areas. Nothing suspicious at this time.

RCMP assisted Thornhill Fire Department at a residence where the front of the house was in flames. Fire was already on scene battling the flames. All occupants of the house were safely outside. The fire chief does not believe there is anything suspicious.

A woman called police to report that a female youth had gone missing. The youth had not come home after school and the family was not able to find her. Police assisted making patrols for the girl who was eventually located. She was found to have been out wandering, having coolers with friends, and was reconnected with family safe and sound.

May 7
A woman reported a parked vehicle which had its passenger side window smashed and the dash board ripped out while in a parking lot along Highway 16, Terrace. The owner of the vehicle made no report and there were no suspects or witnesses at this time.

Police received a report of a man in a downtown alley who had been doing drugs, and was now yelling, staggering and hitting the ground with a stick. A second caller reported the man was damaging property. Police attended the area but the man had left on foot. A description and name had been provided for this man, however, he was not located and no further reports were received.

An officer was on regular patrol and came across a man lying on a sidewalk near a local shelter. Witnesses had administered three doses of Narcan at which time the man regained consciousness. EHS arrived, however the man refused treatment, going into the shelter instead, where he could be monitored.

A woman called police seeking assistance with her two children who were difficult to handle, and were consuming alcohol. The woman wanted police to provide transportation for her children to another location. The officer recommended the family members connect with specific local agencies for additional support, which all parties seemed agreeable to. Transportation was not provided by police and parties separated for a while to allow time to cool down.

A man contacted Terrace RCMP to report that he had just been beat up by his brother. Police attended their residence and found the adult man in the residence with a minor injury and his father present. The other brother had left the residence and it was determined that the fight had been over where they were sitting on the couch. The father advised police that he would call EHS if he felt it was necessary.

May 8
A man called 911 and reported that he was hiding under a vehicle but couldn’t talk or there would be a gunshot. The man needed police to locate him, however, would not provide information. Police attended the area and made efforts to locate the man who had sounded intoxicated on the original call. During a subsequent police call, that same man was located and explained to police that he should not have reported that there would be a gunshot but rather that he was just afraid someone was out to get him.

A woman called police to report that a man was outside her residence screaming and she believed he may need medical assistance. Police attended.

A man called police to assist him with retrieving his clothing from a bush area where he had been staying with a friend. The man was now fearful to retrieve his items as the friend had been consuming drugs and was acting violently. The man was also exhibiting behaviors consistent with mental health issues and was put in contact with local agencies to further assist him.

A woman requested police assistance with moving another female out of a residence where her ex was still residing. Police attended to keep the peace where a small quantity of personal effects were moved out of the residence.

Terrace RCMP received a request to assist in locating a woman and confirming her well-being. Officers located the woman who discussed the matter with police and stated she would be returning to her home that evening. No further concerns.

May 9
A woman called for police assistance with her son after he had consumed a variety of intoxicating substances. The woman was concerned about his unsafe behavior. Terrace RCMP and EHA attended the residence to find the boy acting frantic and erratically. The son became physically aggressive with paramedics and police, pushing them and ultimately injuring one police officer. The boy was transported to cells to sober up for the safety of himself as well as his household. The officer attended a local hospital to receive treatment to the injury.

A man reported that a woman was attempting to climb into the cabin of a train engine in the CN yard. Police attended and located the woman, believing that she was impaired by drugs. The woman was behaving frantically and had confused speech. She was arrested by police and transported to cells to sober up. No charges being forwarded.

A woman reported her youth son had gone missing. Police began efforts to locate the youth in a variety of places. Police determined that the boy had been using services of a local shelter and seemed that his well-being was not a concern. Police continued efforts to locate the youth and confirmed his well-being in person.

2021-3997: Police attended a residence after receiving a 911 call which had been disconnected. An officer attended and determined that a young child in the residence had dialed 911 by mistake. Checks at the location determined that all individuals in the home were fine and there was no emergency.


If you have information about crime contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS, online at www.terracecrimestoppers.ca.


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