Police Respond to 244 calls from April 26 through May 2, 2021


2021-05-03 11:28 PDT

The Terrace RCMP responded to approximately 244 calls from Monday April 26 through Sunday May 2. Of those calls approximately 95 occurred over the weekend, between Friday the 30th and Sunday the 2nd, while 7 people sobered up in cells over the weekend. Below are some highlights from calls from service received:

April 26
Terrace RCMP received a request to assist EHS with an intoxicated man laying on the street near the downtown area. Upon arrival the male was no longer there.

A man reported to the Terrace RCMP that he had been involved in a fight at a local homeless shelter. The same man had earlier been reportedly causing issues at that shelter. Police located the man wandering in the downtown area and determined him to be intoxicated. The man sobered up in cells.

A local area hospital requested assistance with a patient who had been treated, but still exhibiting signs of erratic behavior and paranoia due to suspected Methamphetamine use. Terrace RCMP attended and determined a safe place for the man and transported him there. Police had received approximately 5 different calls of service in relation to this man on the preceding day.

A man made a report of a vehicle with invalid insurance. The man got into a verbal altercation with the driver. Police dealt with the matter and addressed the issue of the invalid insurance.

Staff at a local area school reported a man on the property who seemed to be lost. Police attended and at the man’s request, provided transportation to a local agency to access services. The man had been previously reported as missing.

Terrace RCMP attended an address to assist with keeping the peace while Bailiffs evicted tenants from the premises.

An uncooperative woman made a report of a vehicle collision which she believed turned into a man and woman engaging in a domestic. Terrace RCMP attended and found the report to be unsubstantiated.

Police received a report of a vehicle parked in an area and it was believed that the driver was lost. Officer attended and determined the driver had parked so she could walk her dog.

While a man was accessing services at a local place of business, he began making statements of suicidal ideations, explaining his plan to follow through. Staff called RCMP to advise that the man had left in a vehicle. RCMP located the man and apprehended him under the mental health act transporting him to local hospital.

Police received a report of an historical sex assault. The incident is being investigated.

A man attended the Terrace RCMP Detachment to turn himself in on an unendorsed warrant. The man was arrested on the warrant and held in cells for court.

RCMP received a report of a man who may be selling drugs. Very few details provided at this time.

Terrace RCMP responded to a report of an agitated man who appeared to be intoxicated by drugs and was parked in a vehicle. Police attended and assisted the man who was highly agitated due to life circumstances. The man was provided transportation to receive further services to assist him with his crisis. Police received seven similar calls for service on this date in relation to this same man.

A man contacted police to report that his ex-partner poured a bottle of bleach over a bag of his clothing. Police advised the man that this was a civil matter.

Police were called to assist at a local hospital with a patient who had been apprehended previously this day. The man was highly agitated. Police remained on scene while hospital staff negotiated with the man and the situation was deescalated.

A woman reported to police that after her vehicle had been stolen previously in the week, a man had just returned the keys to her and disclosed the location of the vehicle. Police waited at that location while the woman made arrangements to pick it up. She was not interested in pursuing charges.

Police received a report of a woman camped in an area on the south side of town who was overdosing. Police looked into the report and determined it to be unfounded. The woman was determined to be safe and sound.

April 27
Police attended to a man who was reporting to have plans to harm himself and was in possession of a knife. The man was apprehended under the Mental Health Act by RCMP and transported to a local hospital where he was admitted for further care.

A man turned himself in to the Terrace RCMP with outstanding warrants. RCMP confirmed the outstanding warrants and arrested the man who was held for court.

Two vehicles collided at an intersection on the south side of town. Both vehicles sustained damage, however, no one was injured in the collision. Driver of one vehicle acknowledged her mistake in failing to yield at a left turn and was issued a violation ticket for same.

Police responded to a complaint of an erratic driver. Patrols were conducted for the vehicle, however it was not located.

A woman reported that her ex-partner had created a fake profile on a social media platform using her private images and personal information. She has been receiving harassing communications since it was created. Terrace RCMP have launched an investigation into the matter.

Terrace RCMP received a third party report of an historical sex assault. It is unknown at this time if involved parties will be cooperative with the investigation.

A woman contacted police to advise that her partner had locked her out of their home after a verbal dispute. Police attended to assist with the matter. The couple made arrangements to spend the night in separate places. No criminal elements existed in this matter.

Terrace RCMP responded to a report of two women in a residential area trying door handles and looking into vehicles. Police attended and made patrols for the pair, locating two women matching the description. No evidence of offences and the pair were free to depart.

Terrace RCMP received a director’s warrant from a local hospital regarding a mental health patient who had left the facility. Officers located the patient who was apprehended under the mental health act and transported back to the facility.

April 28
A man called police to report that he was seeing bugs crawling on his clothing and was worried they were getting under his skin. Terrace RCMP attended the man’s address and believed that the man was experiencing hallucinations. EHS was contacted and transported the male to an area hospital.

A man called police to a local shelter to report that he had been assaulted by another man. Police attended the shelter, however, the male was not forthcoming with information. Staff at the shelter informed police that it was proceeded by a verbal argument which escalated to a slap. No further action taken as the caller was uncooperative.

Terrace RCMP attended a residence after receiving a call about a civil dispute. A man reported that he had been kicked out of his residence by his father and brother and could not get his stuff out of the home. Police attended and were provided his belongings without further issue.

Terrace RCMP received a report of a man who had made comments about harming himself. A witness stated that he had explained a plan for how he intended to do so. Police located the man in an intoxicated state and he was apprehended under the mental health act. The man was initially aggressive and uncooperative, however, was safely transported to a local hospital where he received medical treatment.

April 29
A man requested assistance from the police stating that he was being followed and people were out to kill him. The man was convinced that suspects were hiding in the bushes. This was one of numerous similar calls from this man who has been found to be struggling with paranoia and hallucinations. Police attempted to connect the man with a local support outreach team for follow up.

A man contacted police to report that he had located an abandoned side by side on an old hiking trail. The side by side was partially submerged in water. The vehicle had no identifying markers or VIN number and a registered owner could not be identified. The man was willing to assist in retrieving the side by side should an owner come forward.

A woman reported to police that her partner who was on no contact conditions had attended her residence and knocked on the door. Police made contact with the woman who provided evidence to the offence. The man was located by RCMP in another jurisdiction where he was arrested and held for court. The couple has a long history of domestic violence. The man was released with strict conditions in place.

While on routine patrol, an officer with the Terrace RCMP observed a man walking in the downtown area with an imitation firearm sticking out of his back pack. The officer spoke with the man who explained that it was just a toy for decoration. The officer explained to the man how the display of the firearm in such a way, could cause a panic in the public. The man understood and agreed to forfeit the item to police for disposal.

While on routine patrol, an officer observed a man in an alley downtown and was aware that this man had outstanding warrants. The officer arrested the man on the warrants. In this interaction, the man was also found to be breaching conditions not to possess weapons, and was found to have a knife on him. The man was arrested for the breach. He was also found to be in possession of stolen cheques. This matter will be investigated separately.

A man reported to the Terrace RCMP that the lock on his back yard shed had been broken and items stolen from the shed were a dirt bike and two chainsaws. The theft occurred on the south side of town. Police are investigating the theft.

April 30
The manager at a local business reported to police that sometime through the night, unknown suspects had entered the parking lot and smashed the windows on three separate vehicles. Nothing was noticed to missing from inside the vehicles. The manager will be providing video footage to assist in identifying the suspects.

Terrace RCMP officer observed a vehicle with license plates indicating that it was uninsured. After conducting a traffic stop, the man was determined to be a prohibited driver with two outstanding warrants for driving while prohibited. The license plates were also not a match to the vehicle. The driver was arrested on the warrants and the vehicle was towed by a local tow company.

May 1
Terrace RCMP arrested a man on an outstanding warrant. Following the arrest, the man was searched and found to be in possession of suspected crystal meth. The substance to be disposed of.

A man reported that a woman was in the driver’s seat of a Chevrolet pickup attempting to start the vehicle with a piece of bark. The woman appeared to be intoxicated and was screaming at the man for not helping her to catch her sheep. RCMP attended and the woman was arrested for an unrelated matter. She was lodged in cells and released when sober.

Terrace RCMP located a man downtown Terrace with outstanding warrants. The man was arrested on these matters and searched incidental to arrest. He was found to be in possession of suspected crystal meth as well as break in tools. The man was on conditions not to be in possession of these items. Charges to be forwarded for breaching conditions and the drugs to be sent for destruction.

A woman was driving a vehicle which was noticed to be swerving and suspected to be impaired. RCMP conducted a traffic stop with the vehicle and determined the woman to be impaired by drugs. The woman was detained for further investigation and was issued a violation ticket for no driver’s license, a 24 hour prohibition, Notice of Driving Prohibition and a 7 day vehicle impound. She was then provided transportation to an address at her request.

If you have information about crime contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS, online at www.terracecrimestoppers.ca.


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