‘Twas the month before Christmas


2020-12-03 16:43 PST

 PDS Eli

'Twas the month before Christmas when all through the street, not a person was stirring, the snow falling deep.

A handwritten letter came from the North Pole,
To the Terrace R-C-M-P confirming that all the bad guys get coal.

This year Santa’s letter included a special request,
to thank Santa’s favourite furry-helper, who doesn’t wear a vest.

Dear Eli, said Santa, my hardest working pup,
this has been an extra hard year to keep everyone’s spirits up!

I just wanted to say thank you, for keeping everyone safe, and making sure that no criminals escape.

When Terrace slept soundly all through the night,
you made sure our heroes never lost a fight.

Brave and proudly keeping the peace in your town,
you’ve been the goodest-boy Terrace has had around.

You remind us all to take care of our friends,
and if someone needs help you always have a paw to lend.

Dogs, you see, teach us the greatest lessons of all,
to love everyone equally, big, medium, and small.

So thank you, dear Eli, for reminding us of this,
because those who take care of others will always make the nice-list!

Cst. Kristy Doyle Community Policing Officer Terrace RCMP


Released by

Cpl. Madonna Saunderson

District Advisory NCO (Media Relations)
North District
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Office: 250-561-3166
Cell: 250-301-3521

Email: madonna.saunderson@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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