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2024-06-03 07:17 PDT

In honour of World Bike Day, June 3, West Shore RCMP wanted to share a little bit more about our Bike Unit.

West Shore RCMP Bike Unit is made up of 4 Frontline officers. The unit’s mandate is to respond to calls for service and patrol the West Shore’s extensive trail systems.

The unit has been in operation since July 2018. Bicycle patrol enforcement limits the carbon footprint of police vehicles and provides year-round bicycle patrols in areas not easily accessible by police vehicles.

Watch our video to learn more about the West Shore Bike Patrol Unit:


Close captioning:

Video opens with upbeat music. Music continues playing and Cst. Reza Niazi is standing in a wooded area with his police bike in front of him. Cst. Reza begins talking about the West Shore Bike Unit. Cst. Niazi keeps talking and several video clips of him and other bike unit officers patrolling the Westshore on their bikes are seen.

Video transcription:

My name is Constable Reza Niazi and I work for West Shore RCMP Bike Unit. We have a variety of responsibilities. E-Bikes have the advantage to navigate through congested busy downtown core areas a lot faster than a normal police car can. Victoria and it’s surrounding communities; West Shore, Langford, Colwood and other municipalities that we police have a very extensive trail systems and people use these systems for a variety of reasons. One is for basically leisure activities or even to commute to work or other places. It’s very important for police to have easy and frequent access to these trails and our bikes are very advantageous for that because we can use them to get to a lot of places our police cars can’t. Electric bikes can offer a lot of advantages to police units in cases where a police vehicle can’t. They’re environmentally friendly, they produce zero emissions. The cost of operating is quite a bit less than a traditional police car. It’s a lot cheaper to charge a police mountain bike vs. purchasing fuel for a vehicle. You can equip them with a lot of extra accessories such as the saddle bags. We have police lights on our mountain bikes, so we can use them for a variety of reasons. When it comes to being cost effective they are quite advantageous.

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