Good Samaritan commended for returning valuable lost engagement ring


2024-05-31 08:20 PDT

File # 2024-12540

Richmond RCMP is pleased to share a story of integrity and community spirit. On April 22, 2024, a valuable engagement ring, reported lost by a local resident, was found and turned in by a Good Samaritan, demonstrating the trust and goodwill that defines our community.

The engagement ring, described as white gold with multiple diamonds, appraised at $6,200, was promptly reported missing by the owner after discovering it had fallen out of their pocket. Richmond RCMP officers were able to confirm the ring’s ownership due to a unique serial number.

Thanks to the vigilance and honesty of a community member, the ring was found and turned in to a Richmond RCMP Community Police Office. Richmond RCMP facilitated the reunion of the ring with its rightful owner, who was immensely grateful for its return.

Chief Superintendent Dave Chauhan, Officer in Charge of Richmond RCMP commended the community’s role in maintaining trust and cooperation. This incident demonstrates the values we strive to uphold in Richmond. Our community is strengthened by the integrity and goodwill of individuals who look out for one another. We are proud to be part of such a conscientious community.

Richmond RCMP encourages all residents to report lost items and any suspicious activities. The act of this Good Samaritan is a testament to the positive impact each individual can make.

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